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Partnership with UW Wheelhouse Studios

A pottery class at the Memorial Union was the opening move in a new LOV-Dane collaboration. A small group of Bridge Builder’s project members enjoyed six weeks of ceramics work, including making bowls to donate to Habitat for Humanity’s annual Souper Bowl event. “Creating a safe environment to try new things and room for self-discovery is wonderfully challenging but also leads individuals with disabilities to finding their passions,” comments Rachael Kramer, a LOV-Dane Bridge Builder.

As the small group class comes to a close, each class member is busy signing up individually for Wheelhouse classes. Wheelhouse is committed to working with LOV-Dane to ensure that individuals have the supports they need to be contributing members of any class they choose.

As Jay Ekleberry (Wheelhouse Studios director) explains, “The best social capitol is created within the interaction of those with a variety of experience, perspectives and motivations, around a shared common ground. At Wheelhouse Studios that common ground is the arts.”    

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