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Story from LOV family

Bruce Moffat writes for AveNEWS:

Our family has been involved with LOV-Dane since shortly after its inception in 2009. This group of families seeks to work together to improve the lives of their young adults with disabilities, be it social connections, transitioning from school to supported employment, or moving into an independent living setting.

For us, having a group of people with whom Valeria can socialize has been nice. We have participated regularly in quarterly potluck events, as well as weekly bowling in the winter and spring. More recently, we went through a five-part learning series with seven other families to begin anticipating what living independently would entail for Valeria – socially, logistically, and financially. It was a unique opportunity to work with our broker, Brian Doering, to focus our energies on this medium-term goal for Valeria. It’s also helped us see that we need to work in the shorter-term to equip her for such an eventuality. Through LOV-Dane, we currently have a mentor – a young woman who successfully transitioned to life in her own apartment – who is helping Valeria learn cooking skills. At the same time, she’s helping Valeria imagine what it might look like in practical terms to live without Mom and Dad. It will happen eventually, thanks to the march of time. This exploratory process with other families is helping us to make it a more planful, and hopefully more successful, process.

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