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Board of Directors

President: Barbara Katz barbara@lovdane.org

Barbara Katz is the parent of three young adult sons and has been advocating for her middle son, Ben, since his birth over 26 years ago.  She is employed as Co-Director of Family Voices of Wisconsin, and has held that position since 2005.  Barbara is the former chair of the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities and continues to serve on a variety of local and statewide boards and committees.  Barbara serves as the Board President for LOV Dane.

Vice-President: Susan Ketchum susan@lovdane.org

Susan Ketchum brings experience working with educational data, budgets, as well as working with non-profit organizations. She has a M.S. in quantitative measurement and is an educational data consultant.  Susan became the parent of a daughter with special needs over 30 years ago and joined LOV-Dane’s volunteer Board in 2013. Susan is committed to empowering each member of our families to fulfill their potential.

Treasurer:  Theresa Ellis theresa@lovdane.org

Theresa is one of the founding members of LOV-Dane and has served in various capacities on the Board since LOV-Dane’s inception.  She is a lifelong resident of Dane County and parent of Daniel, a 33 year-old man with  an intellectual disability who also suffers from schizophrenia. In addition to her perspective as a parent, Theresa brings to LOV-Dane 23 years of Information Technology experience, specializing in Data Architecture, Database and Information Systems Design. Theresa has extensive experience in financial systems and currently serves as the Board Treasurer.

Secretary: Dee Lawrence Hoffdee@lovdane.org

Dee Lawrence Hoff and her daughter Kate (now in her 40’s) were early members of LOV-Dane and love the community they have found there. Because of Kate’s disability, Dee early became involved in organizations focused on developmental disabilities and was a founding member of Wisconsin Family Ties and Movin’ Out. She serves as the secretary of the LOV-Dane board.