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Moving On Project

Families and young adults in LOV-Dane have been searching for and finding creative solutions to moving on from living with family since 2007. Over the past eight years, individual and collective solutions have been explored and achieved. In 2014, another group of LOV-Dane families began the search for a collective solution. After many months of meetings, the group hired a consultant to help them design a workbook and series of workshops that could be used to plan for moving on. In the winter and spring of 2015, a group of eight families piloted the workshops and workbook. The work of this group continues, but we hope to offer an opportunity to share our learning, and hope that more families might adapt and use the tools we created.

Update November, 2016: A new group is forming and plans to use the workbook and workshops from the previous group. The workshops will begin in early 2017. Contact Stefanie to find out how to join this group!

To learn more, contact Stefanie Primm.