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FC/IRIS Transition: Talking to ADRC, MCOs and ICAs

Overview and Handouts At this event, families were given time to complete the linked worksheets, to help explain and describe your loved one’s support needs in more detail. If your loved one currently lives at home with you,… Read More

FC/IRIS Transition: How Can I Choose?

Handouts: FC IRIS April 17 2017 Slides FC&IRIS- Side by Side Comparison List of FC & IRIS services FC IRIS Q+A 4.17.17 Individual Service Plans-Individual Outcomes

FC/IRIS Transition: Will I keep My Supports?

Handouts: Lynn Breedlove Presession Feb 2017 FC IRIS Feb 20 2017 LOV Slides Functional Screens, etc Feb 2017 Family Care Parent Presentation Feb 2017  

FC/IRIS Transition: The Dane County Difference

With around 300 attendees at our event on January 31, 2017, we ran out of handouts pretty quickly. RSVPing for events is the best way to help us make sure we’ve got enough handouts and chairs for everyone… Read More

FC/IRIS Transition: What happens to my broker?

  Handouts Powerpoint Slides: Dane Transistion – Brief Overview 11-26-16 Outcome Handout: Outcomes-Kids Fact-Sheet-updated-2016 Links Family Care and IRIS Outcomes: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/familycare/fullpartner.htm IRIS Participant Handbook: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/publications/p01008.pdf

FC/IRIS Basics Video

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, LOV-Dane hosted a learning event at Orchard Ridge Church entitled “Family Care and IRIS Basics”. The event was very well attended, with over 150 LOV Dane Family members, brokers, service providers, and other… Read More