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Connect. Contribute. Create.

How can I start connecting with LOV-Dane?

Frequent Social Events

Learning Events
LOV offers a variety of learning opportunities throughout the year. The focus of the learning events is generated by family input.
Topics have included:

§  High School Transition
§  Employment
§  Independent Living for Young Adults
§  Family Care
§  Legal Issues

How can I start contributing to LOV-Dane?

·  Fill out a Gift Inventory
·  Share your knowledge with other families
·   Join a LOV-Dane workgroup or action team
·   Help us out at an event

How can I start creating with LOV-Dane?

·  We know that families never stop trying to give their loved ones the good life. Unfortunately our efforts individually are not always enough. We have discovered that putting families together to work on the issues that matter most multiplies our chances of success exponentially.

· Each family has their own priorities. Talk with Stefanie, Amanda and other families about yours to begin connecting to families with shared goals.

· Every project in LOV-Dane begins by bringing families together to tackle one of these challenges. We discover possibilities and new barriers together, and share what we uncover to bring other families along. Projects have included:

o   Family-Led Employment Project
o   Bridge Builder Project
o   Moving On Project
o   Circles of Support Project
o   Housing Project