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IRIS/FC Learning Circle

Discussion Topics for IRIS/FC Learning Circle

Discussed at December 11, 2017 Initial Learning Circle

Quick Questions:

Q: What’s in place for 18-21 year-olds?

A: They are next in line after the adults transition, so you may get more information after May.


Q: What is Family Care Partnership?

A: Like Family Care, it has a provider network plus all of their healthcare providers. This is a program for folks with significant medical needs.


Q: How do we identify providers?

A: FC and FC Partnership will have their own providers. In IRIS, the IRIS Consultant will know the list of providers available to you.


Q: What do those currently on the Waiting List (for Dane County services) do?

A: You are in the queue. Call the ADRC for the date on which they plan to bring you into services.


Financial Topics:

Q: FEA/Fiscal Assistance questions

A: Fiscal Assistance is working through the certification process. It will probably not be available to those transitioning Feb 1 or Mar 1. You can choose another FEA now and then switch over to FA in the spring.


Q: Setting rates with vendors?

A: This is done by providers.


Q: Writing outcomes?

A: See our FC/IRIS Handouts and Tools page for examples.


Q: Flexibility within FC/IRIS?


Program Questions (FC or IRIS specific):

Q: FC experiences of individual families?

Q: IRIS experiences of individual families?



Q: Activities for young man with Autism?

A: Autism Society of SE WI has their AUsome Social Group – contact Nancy Alar (Nancy.L.Alar@gmail.com) or click here for Social and Support Programs in South Central WI


Q: Guardianship after parents die?

A: LOV-Dane offers an “After We’re Gone” group – contact Stefanie Primm for more details (stefanie@lovdane.org)