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Bridge Builder Project

Individuals with disabilities and their families in LOV worked together to identify a major barrier to creating fulfilling, community centered lives. They realized they needed someone to help build a bridge into community life. Based on a desire to be valued members of a community marked by self-direction, independence, and meaningful relationships, the families and individuals with disabilities created what became the Bridge Builder Project in 2009.

Bridge Builders are paid staff that support project members to identify personal interests, set goals, and make lasting, natural connections in community settings.

Bridge Builders are community connectors, assisting members to self-select what they want to do and where they want to do it. Examples include membership at a gym, place of worship, or golf league; taking classes for self-improvement or skill building; volunteering with an organization or charity of interest; or simply connecting 1:1 with a community member for friendship and recreation. Once the member has grown comfortable in the setting and forged relationships with the community connection, the Bridge Builder fades support.

Do you think the Bridge Builder project would be a good fit for your family? Please read this document for more information about joining.

Contact Stefanie or Virginia to discuss joining the Bridge Builder project.

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