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Moving On Project

Moving On Workshop Series

The Moving On workshops were created and piloted by a small group of LOV families in 2014 and includes five workshop sessions where families create their own Individualized Moving On Plan (iMop). The workshops were designed to focus on concrete, practical information that can help families assess and creatively address barriers to their young adult moving on.

We offer a Pre-Session for groups that are interested in participating in the Moving On Workshop Series. The pre-session offers a workshop overview and a chance to ask questions. Each family will also schedule an individual time to connect with the facilitator before the first workshop session.

What: Five workshops where families and individuals create an Individualized Moving On Plan.

When: Evenings or on weekends, based on availability of group members. 3-4 month time period.

Where: Groups select a location that is convenient and accessible.

Who: Up to ten teams, including the young adult, family members, friends and paid supporters.

Cost: Each participant will pay $1500 to participate in the workshops. This can be paid with long-term care funds (IRIS/Family Care). The cost covers the materials, facilitator’s time for five workshops and individual contact as well as any travel expenses. Groups outside of Dane County will be charged a higher rate to account for the additional travel expenses.


Workshop Overview

Workshop #1:

  • Panel of families and individuals who have moved out
  • Set foundation for creating plans: what matters to individual, what is their schedule like?

Workshop #2: Ideal conditions, schedule and support needs

Workshop #3: Create budget

Workshop #4: Resource Night

Workshop #5: Identify individual and collective next steps